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Time Zones

The island of Newfoundland is one of the only places in the world with a unique Time Zone.  With a 30 minute head start on the rest of North America, islanders are the first on the continent to see the sun rise each morning and ring in the New Year.  When planning your activities, it is a good idea to consider how the time differences might effect these plans.



Typcally restaurants begin serving dinner around 5:00pm and kitchens close around 9pm or 10pm.


The pubs serve lunches and suppers.  George Street, known for its pubs, picks up momentun about 9 or 10pm and generally serves the last rounds about 2:00 pm. Many of the pubs have live local entertainment and at least one serves food 24 hours a day.


The city does have dance clubs that reach full momentum around midnight and this continues until about 3:00 am.


You can watch the continent's first glimpse of sunrise from Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.  It is a 20 minute drive from downtown and is often on people's bucket list when they visit the city.

Ontario is 1.5 hours behind Newfoundland time.  


Alberta is 3.5 hours behind Newfoundland time.  Those coming from Alberta will want to sleep in, but will be the life of the party at night!


United Kingdom


Visitors from the UK are 2.5 hours ahead of Newfoundland time. 

They will be bright-eyed early in the morning but may be fading after suppertime.


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