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Getting Here

Tips from the Newfoundland




During the summer months there is a direct flight from Heathrow to St. John's (YYT). Currently, Air Canada [AC823] leaves Heathrow to St. John's at 13:00 and arrives in St. John's at 15:10. Flight duration is about 5hr and 40 min.. The return flight is AC822 and it leaves at 22:05 NL time and arrives at 6:35 next day at Heathrow. Flight duration is about 5hr. Differences in flight times are because of flying either with or against the prevailing winds. As a caution, the direct flight is popular so book early. Generally, the Air Canada web-site allows you to book a year in advance, so keep this in mind.



Westjet flies Dublin to St. John's directly during the summer and Glasgow to St. John's via Halifax during the summer. 

Also, they are now flying directly St. John's to Gatwick, UK and return.


From North American locations a number of flights arrive daily.


The Airport is about a $25 cab ride, approximately 15 minutes, from the the downtown core. [current price]


Be aware that there is a city of St. John (without the 's)  in New Brunswick which is a different province than Newfoundland.  Please verify that your will be flying into YYT when booking your flight.





If you wish to explore areas outside of St. John's you are advised to rent a car as distances are too far for taxis and, generally, buses only follow the main highways, missing the coastal communities.


During the high tourist season there is a shortage of rental cars on the island so booking your rental car should be done as soon as you have organized your travel to the island.


Many rental agencies have national call centres so please specify that you are renting your car in ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland and not St. John New Brunswick.  


Money Saving Tip: You will pay a higher rate to rent a car from the airport.  You can get a lower rate if you pick the car up at an agency location outside of the airport. However, convenience does count. You probably won't need a rental if and while you stay downtown St. John's. You will be only a short distance from most major city attractions and, if trasportation is necessary, consider the Downtown Trolley, or a cab, both of which are convenient and good value.




Newfoundland & Labrador 
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Downtown Trolley


The St. John’s Trolley Line is a new ‘Step on, Step off’ transportation service first offered in 2013. It has been considered a success and is expected to be offered in future summers [during the tourist period]

The St. John’s Trolley will service major hotels (e.g. the Sheraton), historic sites and other visitor attractions in the downtown core area. Look for the Trolley Stop (sign) at Signal Hill National Historic Site, The Johnson Geo Centre, The Commissariat Provincial Historic Site [close to the Sheraton], The Rooms, The Newman Wine Vaults Provincial Historic Site, The Railway Coastal Museum, Water Street, and The City of St. John’s Visitor Centre on Water Street.


Two fare options are explained here.


1. Hop-on, hop-off Day Pass [good value for reunion visitors]

Single Fare $5.00                    Family Fare (good for family of up to 6 people) $20.00


Day passes are good for unlimited boarding for the day specified on your ticket.  The driver will provide you with a dated ticket once the fare has been paid.  Bills are accepted for payment.  Please have exact fare available – Drivers do not carry change.


2. Single Trip Cash Fare

Adults & Seniors $2.25                    Children $1.75

Single trip cash fares are good for one boarding of the Trolley Line.  Once you exit the Trolley line, you will have to pay the single trip cash fare to board again.  Please have exact fare available – Drivers do not carry change.


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